How to create API key

Magda API keys provide users an alternative option to authenticate their requests while accessing API endpoints.

How to use API key

There are 2 ways to supplied API key:

How to generate API key

From Web UI “Settings” Panel

After a user logs into the system, he can generate API keys from the “My Account” section.

The UI offers further information of API key usage as well

Using create-api-key script

To access an API with an API key, the request is required to carry the headers, which can be generated using create-api-key script.

Before start to use the create-api-key script, you need to:

Prior to Magda v1.0.0, you should port-forward pod combined-db-0

After the installation is done, run yarn create-api-key will list help information as below:

Usage: create-api-key [options]

A tool for creating API keys for a user. Version: 0.0.57-0
The database connection to auth DB is required, the following environment variables will be used to create a connection:
  POSTGRES_HOST: database host; If not available in env var, 'localhost' will be used.
  POSTGRES_DB: database name; If not available in env var, 'auth' will be used.
  POSTGRES_USER: database username; If not available in env var, 'postgres' will be used.
  POSTGRES_PASSWORD: database password; If not available in env var, '' will be used.

  -V, --version           output the version number
  -u, --userId [User ID]  Specify the user id whose api key will be created.
  -c, --create            set this switch to create a new api key
  -l, --list              When -u switch presents, this switch will list all api keys (id & create time) of the user. Otherwise, all users will be listed.
  -h, --help              output usage information
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Example Usage:

To list all users, you can:

yarn create-api-key -l

To list all API keys for a user:

yarn create-api-key -u [user id] -l

To create API key for a user:

yarn create-api-key -u [user id] -c