Magda Helm Chart Reference

Magda use Helm to pack our microservice components as reusable packages — helm charts. You can customise Magda (even create your own app) by declaring different sets of Magda helm charts as dependencies. Each of Helm chart supports customisable configuration options via values files that allow you to further customise its functions. This document provides the basic info of Magda Helm chart repository and the documentation links of all released Magda Helm Charts.

Magda Helm Chart Repository

Our helm charts are published at Github container registry oci://

Since v2.0.0, we use Github Container Registry as our official Helm Chart & Docker Image release registry.

Magda Helm Chart Documentation Index

Please note: the links belew are pointing to Master branch of our Github Repository. If you want to check the documentation of an older version of Magda Helm Chart, please switch to the tags of your version.

We use helm-docs to auto generate docs from Helm Chart values files. You can use it to generate documentation for older version of Magda helm charts as well.

The quality of the document depends on the comments we add to the values files. We will keep making improvement in this area.