MAGDA Local Ports

It is not necessary to allocate ports to microservices when running on a Kubernetes cluster; everything can run on the standard port for its protocol. When running microservices directly on a development machine, though, we need to make sure each service has a port to bind to on localhost and that everyone agrees what it is. Here are the allocated local ports:

Component Port
magda-postgres 5432
magda-elastic-search 9300
magda-gateway 6100
magda-registry-api 6101
magda-search-api 6102
magda-indexer 6103
magda-authorization-api 6104
magda-discussions-api 6105
magda-preview-map 6106
magda-web-server 6107
magda-web-client 6108
magda-minion-linked-data-rating 6109
magda-preview-map 6110
magda-minion-broken-link 6111
magda-admin-api 6112
magda-ckan-connector 6113
magda-minion-format 6115
magda-feedback 6116
magda-correspondence-api 6117
magda-apidocs-server 6118